Welcome to ScanMC Trunk-Player

Scanner audio archive for Montgomery County, Maryland

This is the new way to listen to public safety radio traffic. Many other sites allow you to live stream audio feeds from a radio scanner. This site is different from all the rest.

We give you full control of which talkgroups/frequencies you want to hear. We also time shift (like a DVR) the transmissions. When two transmissions overlap using a standard scanner or streaming site you will only hear one, then you will scan into the second one in progress -- not here. The site will play the first transmission and when that is complete it will start to play the second transmission from the beginning; this is time shifting like a DVR.

Features :

  • You select the talk groups or scan lists you want to listen to
  • History: you can listen to radio traffic from the past
  • View which unit is transmitting
  • Concurrent recording of multiple transmissions, you will not miss any of the action

Archive plans

We currently store 60 days of radio system audio, and may consider expanding that time frame if there is interest. As a guest user, you have access to 15-30 minutes of recent audio as a preview. Once you register, you can go back further in time; we will eventually offer paid plans with access to additional archive space. Current Montgomery County public safety personnel are eligible for expanded access; contact us at info@scanmc.com to enable your account for public safety users.

Getting started

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